The Wylie School System

The community of Wylie, Texas, which occupies the southern stretches of the Abilene metropolitan area, is well-known across the state for its excellent school district. Although Wylie is technically unincorporated, it is an important suburban area that has seen rapid development and enjoyed increasing affluence since the 1970s. In reent years, the neighboring city of Abilene has annexed portions of the area, although these neighborhoods continue to retain the distinct community ties particular to Wylie. 

Wylie attracts new families year after year on the strength of the Wylie Independent School District, sometimes referred to as "Wylie Abilene." The district operates Wylie High School, a grades 9-12 institution that enjoys a coveted "recognized" designation from the Texas Education Agency and received a National Blue Ribbon School Award in 2008, as well as a number of neighborhood primary schools. These include Wylie Elementary School, for grades K-2; Wylie Intermediate School, for grades 3-5; and Wylie Junior High School, for grades 6-8.

Many of the Wylie Independent School District's students come from the far southern part of Abilene, where all of its school buildings are currently located. Other cities, towns and unincorporated areas served by the district's schools include Potosi, View, and Caps. Although the area is developing rapidly, some rural areas in Taylor County remain under Wylie's jurisdiction, although most are now served by smaller neighboring districts like Eula, Clyde, and Merkel. As Wylie continues to expand even as the smaller towns and unincorporated areas surrounding it contract, it is possible that the Wylie ISD will absorb these neighboring districts to form a single consolidated school system.

Including elementary students, Wylie currently enrolls over 3,000 pupils at five schools. Its size enables it to offer a considerable roster of extracurricular programs including summer academic and athletic programs. The district is particularly well-noted for its science education program as well as its tennis, football and golf teams. High school graduation and college attendance rates are far above the state average, making the district an important factor in relocation decisions for families considering a move to the Abilene area. Today, the school enrolls nearly 1,000 students and continues to grow each year.

In smaller, tightly-knit communities like Wylie, schools are the single most important factor in fostering shared purposes and community spirit. For many Wylie families, the school district is a major source of social activity; open-house nights at the elementary and intermediate schools feature a festive atmosphere and open exchanges between teachers and parents. Many families who relocate to homes within the Wylie Independent School District from larger urban districts remark upon the community's friendliness.

Choosing the right school district is especially important for families with young children. Wylie parents who work full-time are blessed with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their children are being expertly cared-for and prepared for whatever the future holds. Give the gift of a secure future and discover the benefits of owning a home in the Wylie school system today!

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